Laboratory of Embodied Natural and Artificial Intelligence

The Laboratory of Embodied Natural and Artificial Intelligence (LENAI) is a research group of ISTC-CNR, coordinated by Gianluca Baldassarre. The research group is formed by about 10 Researchers/Research Fellows/PhD students. LENAI has accumulated years of research experience, and in the last years of technological innovation, on: (a) autonomous robot architectures encompassing motor learning, action selection, selective attention, active vision, and autonomous learning through reinforcement learning, open-ended learning, intrinsic motivations, autonomous goal generation, unsupervised and supervised learning; (b) understanding the brain and behaviour through neural-network computational models, in particular addressing habitual and goal-directed motor behaviour, high-level cognition, and autonomous learning. LENAI is integrated into an "ecosystem of infrastructures" that support research activities, training programs, and technology transfer/company networks shared with other laboratories of ISTC.

Main location: National Research Council, Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, Via G. Romagnosi 18A, 00196 Roma, Italy. 

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