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This page gives resources to learn to program in Python and other information and links related to the use of SpyneCreator.



SpineCreator is software created by the Department of Psychology, University of Sheffield.

SpineCreator is a software to install in your computer (only for Linux, preferably Debian distribution) that supports the construction of neural networks in a graphical way. This means that you can create neural networks at a graphical level, in particular you can:

  • Create groups of neurons
  • Specify the equations of the neurons
  • Specify the parameters of the neurons
  • Create connections between neuron groups
  • Specify the equations involving the connections
  • Specify the parameters of the
  • Specify the learning equations of the connections
  • Specify the experimental protocols to test the models



Install instructions are given in the main page of SpineCreator.

You can build code directly from source or  alternatively downolad and install the Debian binary packages   (tested and working in Debian Jessie). 


Tutorials can be found in the main page of SpineCreator.