LOCEN Research Topic: Dynamical reservoire computational models of basal ganglia-cortex loops


Research topic

To do...  Baldassarre and Mirolli (2013).

Research specific problems
  • What are the specific... ?
  • What is the interplay...?  
Research method
  • Psychological/cognitive experiments with primates, especially humans (human adults, children, apes/monkeys).
Examples of research of this type carried out by the group

(see full references below; the pdf files of the paper are retrievable from here)

  • Caligiore et al. (in press).
  • ...
Requested motivations of the candidate
  • Strong interest in the topic and motivation to carry out research on it (very important)
  • Desire to acquire the knowledge and methods of the group
Requested knowledge of the candidate
  • University-level knowledge on ...
  • (Possibly) University-level knowledge on ...
Requested skills of the candidate
  • Capacity to read and understand scientific papers in English
  • (Possibly) capacity to contribute to the design of experiments...
  • Capacity to carry out experiments with...
  • Capacity to contribute to write reports in English
  • Baldassarre, G. (2011). What are intrinsic motivations? A biological perspective. In IEEE ICDL 2011, e1-8.
  • Baldassarre, G., Mannella, F., Fiore, V.G., Redgrave, P., Gurney, K., Mirolli, M. (2013). Intrinsically motivated action-outcome learning and goal-based action recall: A bio-constrained computational model. Neural Networks, 41, 168-187.
  • Baldassarre, G., Mirolli, M. (eds.)(2013). Intrinsically motivated learning in natural and artificial systems. Berlin: Springer.Barto A., Mirolli M., Baldassarre G. (2013). Novelty or surprise? Frontiers in Cognitive Sci., 4 (907).