Italian MacArthur-Bates CDI Questionnaire — “Il Primo Vocabolario del Bambino” (PVB)


Introduction to the Italian Version of the Questionnaire

“Il Primo Vocabolario del Bambino”: Questionnaires

The questionnaires linked below can be downloaded and printed out. For any inquiry related to the questionnaires, please e-mail Dr. Caselli. If you don’t wish to use e-mail, please see Dr. Caselli’s homepage for other contacts. The book containing instructions on how to use the questionnaires and data on children from 8 to 36 months is distributed by Franco Angeli Ed.

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Valori di età di acquisizione, immaginabilità e frequenza per 527 parole del Primo Vocabolario del Bambino. (in Italian)
Pasquale Rinaldi, Laura Barca e Cristina Burani