LOCEN Resources How to Join the Group

LOCEN How to Join the Group


The steps to join LOCEN are as follows:

  • The researcher starts to work with LOCEN either to do a University research thesis, or within an internship (tirocinio), or within a PhD study, or simply because the researcher wants to acquire experience.
  • Important: in this initial period of collaboration the student/researcher has to self-fund as unfortunately LOCEN does not have funds to this purpose. So please do not contact the group if you are not in this condition.
  • As important, the offer of collaboration will be accepted only if the topics and methods are those on which LOCEN has interest and expertise. See the web-page: ``Resources --> How to do  a thesis or 'junior collaboration' with the group'' to see possible topics for research collaboration with the group.
  • Such collaboration, usually lasting from 6 to 18 months, allows the student/researcher to evaluate if he/she is interested in the research methods and topics of the group.
  • This collaboration also allows LOCEN to evaluate the interests and capacity of the student/researcher (the levels reached by the student/researcher, and future possibilities, will be commnicated to him/her as soon as possible).
  • If the researcher has good potentialities to do research, and if LOCEN has resources available (usually from European Projects), then the student/researcher could be offered a research contract (assegno di ricerca), possibly associated with a PhD program (the degree title is given either by an Italian or a foreign University with which the group is in contact as CNR cannot confer PhD degrees).