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What computer to buy to make research with LOCEN

Introduction. To make research with LOCEN you need a computer to program, test, and analyse computational models. The best solution is to have your own portable computer so that you can work both at home and at CNR. In some cases, when you agree with Gianluca to spend a lot of time at ISTC to accomplish you research, you are assigned a computer of LOCEN lab. This page gives you some suggestions to buy a suitable portable computer.

Operating system. LOCEN uses the operationg system (OS) Linux, in particulare the distribution Debian (now at version 8). So it is important that you instal Linux Debian on your computer, either as the only operating system or togethe with Windows OS, if it has it already installed, by using a ''dual boot''. A dual boot is ...

Bying a new computer. If you want to buy a portable (or desktop) computer, these are the minimal requistites it should have (most computers have them):

  • 64 bits processor
  • 4 GB di RAM, o better 8 GB di RAM

A good brand, for quality/price, is ASUS.

If you have identified a brand and model of computer to buy, check it is a good one comparing with other computer in internet. To do this, search with kewwords of this type: ''review <computer brand and model>'' or ''review best laptops'' or ''comparison laptop <computer brand and model>.

Also check that such computer is compatible with Linux Debian by serching the web with ''installing Linux Debian <computer brand and model>''.