Towards an updated Seville Statement on Violence

In 1986 a group of scientists issued the Seville Statement on Violence. On the occasion of its silver anniversary, scholars from around the world and many different disciplines gathered in Rome to add new scientific evidence obtained in the last quarter of a century to the discussion, evidence concerning the human brain and social behaviour, and more specifically about violence. Here we present the main lines of evidence supporting the statement's conclusion that human beings are not violent by nature, and that "the same species that invented war is capable of inventing peace."

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Contributo in atti di convegno
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Pagani, Camilla
Ramirez, Martin
Giorgi, Piero
"Terrorism and Aggression: Towards Increased Freedom and Security" 6th Annual CICA-STR International Conference, pp. 51–52, Burgas, Bulgaria, 8-11 September 2012
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