Towards a Cognitive Semantics of Types

Types are a crucial concept in conceptual modelling, logic, and knowledge representation as they are an ubiquitous device to understand and formalise the classification of objects. We propose a logical treatment of types based on a cognitively inspired modelling that accounts for the amount of information that is actually available to a certain agent in the task of classification. We develop a predicative modal logic whose semantics is based on conceptual spaces that model the actual information that a cognitive agent has about objects, types, and the classification of an object under a certain type. In particular, we account for possible failures in the classification, for the lack of sufficient information, and for some aspects related to vagueness.

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Contributo in atti di convegno
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Porello, Daniele
Guizzardi, Giancarlo
Springer, Berlin , Germania
Springer, Berlin, DEU
AI*IA 2017, pp. 428–440, 1-5/01/2017
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