Supporting active and healthy ageing by exploiting a telepresence robot and personalized delivery of information

Supporting active and healthy ageing represents an opportunity for improving the quality of life of older citizens while reducing the unsustainable pressure on health systems. The GiraffPlus project aims at improving health quality by offering personalized services for end users on top of a non- invasive state- of- the- art continuous data- gathering infrastructure. Specifically, the system collects elderly daily behaviour and physiological measures from distributed sensors in living environments. In addition, GiraffPlus organizes the gathered information so as to provide customizable visualization and monitoring services to the different users of the system. This paper describes the latest results achieved within the project specifically focusing on the interactive services toward the users.

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Contributo in atti di convegno
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Cesta A.
Cortellessa G.
de Benedictis R.
Pisanelli D.M.
Springer, Heidelberg ;, Germania
14th International Conference on Intelligent Software Methodologies, Tools and Techniques (SoMet 2015), pp. 586–597, Naples, Italy, September 15-17, 2015
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