Relazioni sociali e acculturazione

Immigration is a common phenomenon worldwide. In recent years, in the European Union we have witnessed a growing interest in migrant women, although the trend continues to associate them with the family reunion, a concept that overestimates men's breadwinner role and underestimates the role of women as active agents in the migration process. The emphasis on women's domestic role, their family relations and transnational networks has minimized the support provided by local networks in reducing loneliness and isolation, alleviating, thus, the state of marginalization in which migrants are initially. This chapter will discuss the findings of a research that help us understand the role played in the acculturation process by the relational networks of foreign women settled in the province of Chieti (Abruzzo).

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Franco Angeli, Milano, ITA
Migrare al femminile in una provincia del Centro-Sud. Aree critiche, traiettorie lavorative e strategie di inserimento, edited by E. Spedicato Iengo, pp. 184–208. Milano: Franco Angeli, 2011
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