Proceedings of the 5th Italian Workshop on Planning and Scheduling, IPS 2013

This volume contains the papers presented at IPS 2013, the 5th Italian Workshop on Planning and
Scheduling, held within the XIII AI*IA Conference, in Turin, Italy, on December 4th, 2013.
The aims of this series of workshop are to bring together researchers interested in different aspects of
planning and scheduling, and to introduce new researchers to the community. Although the primary
target of IPS workshops is the Italian community of Planning and Scheduling, an international Program
Committee is recruited, with the aim to attract an international gathering.
In particular, this year 14 papers were accepted for presentation at the workshop, involving 42 authors
from Italy and other European countries.
The papers mainly focus on planning applications in different domains, plans execution, repair and
robustness, and planning and scheduling with time constraints.

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Gabriella Cortellessa Alfonso Gerevini Daniele Magazzeni Ivan Serina
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