Primate archaeology

All modern humans use tools to overcome limitations of our anatomy and to make difficult tasks easier. However, if tool use is such an advantage, we may ask why it is not evolved to the same degree in other species. To answer this question, we need to bring a long-term perspective to the material record of other members of our own order, the Primates.

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Haslam M
Hernandez-Aguilar A
Ling V
Carvalho S
de la Torre I
DeStefano A
Du A
Hardy B
Harris J
Marchant L
Matsuzawa T
McGrew W
Mercader J
Mora R
Petraglia M
Roche H
Visalberghi E
Warren R
Macmillan,, London , Regno Unito
Nature (Lond.) 460 (2009): 339–344. doi:10.1038/nature08188
info:cnr-pdr/source/autori:Haslam M; Hernandez-Aguilar A; Ling V; Carvalho S; de la Torre I; DeStefano A; Du A; Hardy B; Harris J; Marchant L; Matsuzawa T; McGrew W; Mercader J; Mora R; Petraglia M; Roche H; Visalberghi E; Warren R/titolo:Primate archaeol
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