Lyon's Auditory Model Inversion: a Tool for Sound Separation and Speech Enhancement

A new implementation of Lyon's Auditory Model and an
optimised inversion procedure will be presented. Both the
passive and active Lyon's cochlea models were studied as new
signal processing analysis schemes, while only the first one was
considered regarding the inversion procedure. Following the
work of M. Slaney, sound resynthesis was obtained inverting the
correlogram representation by a new optimised algorithm. The
utility of auditory model inversion will be emphasised focusing
on the problem of speech enhancement and sound separation.

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Contributo in atti di convegno
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Cosi P.
Zovato E.
ISCA, International speech communication association, Baixas, FRA
Proceedings ESCA Workshop on 'The Auditory Basis of Speech Perceprion', pp. 194–197, Keele University - Keele (UK), 15-19 July, 1996
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