Evaluating Autonomous Controllers: An Initial Assessment

This work describes the progress of a research line started two years ago that aims at creating a framework to assess the performance of planning-based autonomy software for robotics. In particular it focuses on an open problem in the literature: the definition of a methodology for fairly comparing different approaches to deliberation, while synthesizing a tool to automate large test campaigns for different autonomy architectures under the same robotic platform. We have produced a framework, called OGATE, that supports the integration, testing and operationalization of autonomous robotic controllers. It allows to run series of plan execution experiments while collecting and analyzing relevant parameters of the system under a unified and controlled environment. The software platform supports also for the definition of different metrics for evaluating different aspects of a plan-based controller. This paper, first presents the framework capabilities and the methodology to support experiments, then, briefly describes an autonomous controller that follows a timeline-based deliberation, and finally presents some results obtained exploiting OGATE to perform tests to analyze the performance of the controller over a targeted robot.

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Contributo in atti di convegno
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Munoz, Pablo
Cesta, Amedeo
Orlandini, Andrea
Rodriguez-Moreno, Maria Dolores
M. Jeusfeld c/o Redaktion Sun SITE, Informatik V, RWTH Aachen., Aachen, Germania
7th Italian Workshop on Planning and Scheduling (IPS-2015), pp. 1–16, Ferrara, Italy, September 22, 2015
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