Building Resources for Verbal Interaction. Production and Comprehension within the ALIZ-E Project

The European FP7 project ALIZ-E ("Adaptive Strategies for Sustainable Long-Term Social Inter- action") has recently concluded and its main goal was to study children-robot interactions in the field of healthcare. ISTC CNR, UOS Padova has been the partner of the ALIZ-E project responsible of carrying out studies in the field of speech technologies. One of its main achievements has been the collection of three new Italian children's speech annotated corpora, made up by read sentences, spontaneous utterances and recordings from a listen and repeat experiment.

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Contributo in volume
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Piero Cosi
Giulio Paci
Giacomo Sommavilla
Fabio Tesser
IL FARSI E IL DISFARSI DEL LINGUAGGIO. Acquisizione, mutamento e destrutturazione della struttura sonora del linguaggio, edited by Mario Vayra, Cinzia Avesani e Fabio Tamburini, pp. 455–458, 2016
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