A bottom up approach for licences classification and selection.

Licences are a crucial aspect of the information publishing process in the web of (linked) data. Recent work on modeling of policies
with semantic web languages (RDF, ODRL) gives the opportunity of formally describe licences and reason with them. However, chosing the right licence is still challenging. Particularly, the number of features -permissions, prohibitions and obligations - constitute a steep learning process for the data provider, that have to check them individually, and compare the licences to pick the one that better t her needs. In this paper we face the objective of reducing the eort for licence selection.We argue that an ontology of licences, organized by their relevant features, can help on providing support to the user. Developing an ontology with a bottom-up approach based on Formal Concept Analysis, we show how the process of licence selection can be simplied signicantly, and reduced to answering an avarage of three/ve key questions.

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Contributo in atti di convegno
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Mathieu D'Aquin
Enrico Motta
Aldo Gangemi
International Workshop On Legal Domain And Semantic Web Applications (Leda-Swan 2015) @ ESWC2015, Portoroz, Slovenia, 2015
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