Adaptive Reminders in an Ambient Assisted Living Environment

The GiraffPlus home environment represents a complete AAL system that gathers environmental and physiological measures from distributed sensors for continuous monitoring of an older person. A key point of innovation in the project is the synthesis of reasoning services on the gathered data. Among those services the personalisation of feedback messages to users according to both individual's needs and continuous data analysis represents an open challenge. This paper paves the way with respect to this challenge by presenting a user-adaptive reminding services endowed with the ability to trigger heterogeneous messages over time. The messages can simply remind to take a medication, can warn that a physiological value is deteriorating, or even offer regular suggestions on "good quality of life behaviour" triggered by some observation on individual users data.

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Contributo in volume
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De Benedictis, Riccardo
Cesta, Amedeo
Coraci, Luca
Cortellessa, Gabriella
Orlandini, Andrea
Springer International Publishing AG, Berlin, DEU
Ambient Assisted Living, edited by Andò, Bruno; Siciliano, Pietro; Marletta, Vincenzo; Monteriù, Andrea, pp. 219–230. Berlin: Springer International Publishing AG, 2015
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