EBRAINS-Italy - European Brain ReseArch INfrastructureS-Italy

EBRAINS-Italy is the Italian node of the EBRAINS European distributed infrastructure. It aims at enabling clinical and experimental activities in the Health sector to adequately exploit the most advanced modeling, computer and analytical technologies available in the neuroscience field. The main objective is to bring together in a research infrastructure several groups of the highest scientific, technical, and organizational abilities in the field of experimental/theoretical neuroscience operating in Italy, integrating the activities in order to guarantee synergies and generate a substantial increase of scientific, industrial, and societal outcomes on the whole national territory. The results obtained by the project, in terms of know-how, multidisciplinary resources such as new and unique experimental data, instrumentation and software specific for neuroscience, advanced computational models, specialized training, and HPC resources, most of which can be used from a single access point, will strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises, and the development of new international collaborations and innovative methods for research and development.


 This project has received funding from ‘European Union - NextGenerationEU - PNRR’, MUR code IR0000011, CUP B51E22000150006, project ‘EBRAINS-Italy - European Brain ReseArch INfrastructureS Italy’