Psychology of Cognitive Processes

Psychology of Cognitive Processes, of Development, of Communication and Interactions

This research Area (RA) focuses on the study of cognitive processes in scientific areas related to the psychology of development, of communication and social interactions. It includes three highly differentiated areas:

A) Language and Multimodality: relationships between cognitive, motor and linguistic development; typical and atypical development, acquisition and use of Sign Language; neural bases of reading and writing processes in children (normal and with disorders) and in adults, morphological-lexical, orthographic-phonological processes, and reading and writing skills.

B) Relationship between learning, socialization processes and quality of the daily life contexts for children and young people (aimed at the design of innovative social and educational policies, as well as the increase of knowledge).

C) Studies related to the understanding, interpretation and treatment of complex phenomena concerning social inclusion, personal well-being (including psychiatric), gender issues, the construction of community identity and multicultural integration.