Fostering Open Science in Social Science Research

FOSSR aims to become an Italian Open Science Cloud, along the lines of the European Open Science Cloud project, in which to integrate the innovative services developed by the project for data collection, their management and the analysis of data on economic and social change, according to the principle of equity (FAIRNESS).FOSSR promotes the construction of an integrated knowledge sharing platform, a single access point to all the tools and services made available by the Italian social science infrastructure nodes: CESSDA ERIC, SHARE ERIC and RISIS, adopting the common theme of development of Open Science in the Italian context with the aim of creating a framework of tools and services for the community of social science scholars. This initiative is also characterized as an investment to strengthen digital capabilities and the diffusion of advanced technologies in line with DESI4.FOSSR intends to promote, among multiple audiences, widespread knowledge and awareness of the data and methodologies used in the empirical social sciences, encouraging the growth of a broad social context conducive to the further development of research in the social sciences in Italy, providing access easy, open and simplified to social science data through innovative interfaces. The integration of this pool of resources will concretely contribute to the realization of Open Science for social science scholars, accompanied by an important scientific training program on social science research methods and tools based on FAIR empirical data.

Funding Source: 
EU Next Generation Funding, nell’ambito del PNRR, Linea di investimento “Fondo per la realizzazione di un sistema integrato di infrastrutture di ricerca e innovazione” Italia Domani.
Project Timeframe: 
01 Nov 2022 to 30 Apr 2025