Service System Approaches. Conceptual Modeling Approaches for Services Science

Over the last several years, services science has emerged as an effective means to understand services and the socio-technical systems in which they are de- ployed. This systemic view requires a genuinely interdisciplinary approach to the study of services. In this chapter, we review a number of significant approaches to analyze, understand and model service systems, with an emphasis on showing sim- ilarities and differences that highlight the many aspects of a rich service ecosystem. The goal of this chapter is to provide developers with an overall perspective on such rich service system models, as a basis for choosing those which mostly fit their own needs.

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Ferrario, Roberta
Guarino, Nicola
Trampus, Romano
Laskey, Ken
Hartman, Alan
Gangadharan, G.R.
Springer Science+Business Media, New York, USA
edited by D. Oberle, A. Barros, N. Weissenberg, B. Zarov, pp. 75–109. New York: Springer Science+Business Media, 2012
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