Documentation and analysis of children's experience: an ongoing collegial activity for early childhood professionals

Systematic documentation and analysis of educational practice can be a powerful tool of continuous support to the professionalism of early childhood education practitioners. This paper discusses data from a three-year action-research carried out by a research agency in collaboration with a network of Italian municipal nido services. The action-research aimed at elaborating and implementing documentation procedures that nido practitioners could accomplish continuously and that could form the basis of a collegial reflection on children's experience and the improvement of practices. The analysis of practitioners' discussions about weaknesses and strengths of the new procedures shows how they could be inscribed within the framework of their current professional engagement and support their processes of reflexivity. The analysis also highlights the important role of collegiality in sustaining practitioners' analysis, evaluation, and improvement of their practice.

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Picchio, Mariacristina
Giovannini, Donatella
Mayer, Susanna
Musatti, Tullia
Routledge, [Abingdon] , Regno Unito
Early years (Abingdon. Online) 32 (2012): 159–170. doi:10.1080/09575146.2011.651444
info:cnr-pdr/source/autori:Picchio, Mariacristina; Giovannini, Donatella;Mayer, Susanna; Musatti, Tullia/titolo:Documentation and analysis of children's experience: an ongoing collegial activity for early childhood professionals/doi:10.1080/09575146.2011.
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