ULISSE: USOCs KnowLedge Integration and dissemination for Space Science and Exploration

 ULISSE is aimed at increasing the return of scientific space activities, pursuing the valorisation, dissemination and exploitation of scientific data from space experiments. ULISSE will prepare the infrastructure and tools for valorisation of scientific data of future ISS experiments; ULISSE will provide also data from other space platforms as well as the already available data from previous space experiments.   

ULISSE will provide scientific and technical data concerning most scientific disciplines, as Life Sciences including Space Medicine and Exobiology, Biotechnology, Material and Fluid Sciences.    

The project will include dissemination activities (scientific as well as divulgative publications, public events, educational activities on space research) increasing the involvement of specialized community and the awareness of general public.  

Project Timeframe: 
da 31 Dic 2008 a 30 Dic 2011


Project ID: 
GA 218815