(edited by G. Andrighetto, G. Governatori, P. Noriega, and L. W. N. van der Torre)


Children’s Independent Mobility in Italy
(edited by A. Alietti, D. Renzi, M. Vercesi and A. Prisco

The goals of cognition: Essays in honour of Cristiano Castelfranchi
(edited by F. Paglieri, L. Tummolini, R. Falcone, M. Miceli) 

 With the recent resolution of the board of directors of the

Three blog posts (links below) on the IKS blog by students of the

In the last two years a group of ISTC scientists has been working in the ExCITE  project, approved by the EU Ambient Assis

At the recent ECAI Conference (the  European Conference on Artificial Intelligence) held in Montpellier, France, end o

Nel sito "Audiology Infos" è presente una recensione di una ricerca del LaCAM, pubblicata dalla rivista "Journ

per leggere l'intervista a Rino Falcone e Lucio Bianco:

Olga Capirci, ricercatrice del LaCAM e coordinatrice del GLADD, è stata intervistata dall'Unità e da Radio3Scienza in merito al rifiuto da parte della Camera dei Deputati di procedere al riconoscimento della Lingua dei Segni Italiana (LIS) come lingua della comunità dei sordi italiani.

ISTC-CNR researchers  were awarded the  Best Paper in the area of Artificial Intelligence at the recent ICAART Conference in Portugal. Their work is titled

Central European University's summer school ( invites applications from graduate students, junior faculty

 This Conference in memory of Elena Antinoro Pizzuto is dedicated to celebrating the research work conducted by our colleague Elena

The ExCITE project resulted first in the double filters competition for the Most Promising Project in Call 1 and 2 of the AAL Joint Program.  The award was delivered at the AAL Forum 2011 held in L

"Today, we know more about the universe than about our society. It's time to use the power of information to explore social and economic life on Earth and discover options for a sustainable future. Together, we can manage the challenges of the 21st century, combining the best of all knowledge."