Towards a planning-based framework for symbiotic human-robot collaboration

The collaboration between humans and robots is a current technological trend that faces various challenges, among these the seamless integration of the respective working capabilities. Industrial robots have demonstrated their capacity to meet the needs of many applications, offering accuracy and efficiency, while humans have both experience and the capability to elaborate over such experience that are absolutely not replaceable at any time. Clearly a symbiotic integration of humans and robots in working scenarios opens to new problems: for an effective collaboration an intelligent coordination is required. This paper presents an interactive environment for facilitating the collaboration between humans and a robot in performing shared tasks in industrial environments. In particular we introduce a tool based on AI planning technology to help the smooth intertwining of activities of the two actors in the work environment. The paper presents a case study from a real world environment, describes a comprehensive architectural approach to the problem of coordinated interaction, and then presents details on the current status of the tool.

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Cesta, Amedeo
Orlandini, Andrea
Bernardi, Giulio
Umbrico, Alessandro
IEEE, Picataway, N.J. , Stati Uniti d'America
IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technology and Factory Automation (ETFA 2016), Berlin, Germany, 6-9/9/2016
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Ritratto di Amedeo Cesta
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