Towards an ontology-based framework to store and recover memories for creative architectural projects

Background: Memories have a fundamental role in the creation of architectural projects. Remembrances of childhood, travel, and working experiences filtered by reflections and training paths--e.g., the following of rules typical of a discipline or of a style (with its language protocols), embraced by an architectural school--all con- tribute to the development of new ideas as described in cognitive studies, interviews with architects, critical writings on architecture, etc. (Rossi 1990; Zumthor 2003).
Aims: We aim to help the architect to re-contextualize her memories when captured via external supports like photos, sketches etc., by mimicking the way image schemas are used for the resolution of metaphors in cognitive science (Lakoff 1990). Note that the approach applies also to sound, taste, smell, texture etc.
Method: We use techniques of applied ontology to analyse the formal notions required to encode suitable schemas as well as their application to specific kinds of object features. Focusing on spatial/ temporal patterns, we associate and transfer aspects of recorded scenes (e.g., topological or geometrical structures that identify spatial distributions of features of objects) to imagined project solutions. For instance, the alternation of empty and full spaces perceived while looking at the rows of a vineyard on a hill may be creatively transferred to a pattern of colors, textures, or materials for a facade. Conclusions: Our framework supports architects in annotating (recorded) memories with spatial patterns and helps them to retrieve and reinterpret these patterns for the development of creative project solutions.

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Melone, Maria Rosaria Stufano
Borgo, Stefano
Ferrario, Roberta
Masolo, Claudio
Springer, Berlin , Germania
Cognitive processing (Print) 19 (2018): S52–S52.
info:cnr-pdr/source/autori:Melone, Maria Rosaria Stufano; Borgo, Stefano; Ferrario, Roberta; Masolo, Claudio/titolo:Towards an ontology-based framework to store and recover memories for creative architectural projects/doi:/rivista:Cognitive processing (Pr
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