Technical artifact: An integrated perspective

In this paper three perspectives are presented on defining the general notion of technical artifacts in formal ontologies. These perspectives share two intuitions: that technical artifacts are objects that exist by human intervention; and that technical artifacts are to be contrasted to natural entities. Yet the perspectives are different in the way they spell out these intuitions: the relevant human intervention may range from intentional selection to intentional production; and the contrast between technical artifacts and natural entities may be introduced by a constitution relation or by defining properties that set technical artifacts apart. The three perspectives are compared and their similarities and dissimilarities are explored.

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Borgo, Stefano [1]
Franssen, Maarten [2]
Garbacz, Pawel [3]
Kitamura, Yoshinobu [4]
Mizoguchi, Riichiro [4]
Vermaas, Pieter E. [2]
IOS Press, Amsterdam, NLD
The fifth international workshop Formal Ontologies Meet Industry, 2011 (FOMI 2011), pp. 3–15, Delft, the Netherlands, 7-8 July 2011
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