Social processes among parents and grandparents in Italian Centers for Children and Families

The study analysed the interactions among adults accompanying their children to Centers for Children and Families (CCF); the analysis was also focused on parents' and grandparents' different social behaviour in CCF.
Previous research showed that CCF which aim to provide young children with experiences of peer interaction and play can serve also an important social function towards adults caring for them (Musatti, 2015; Neyrand, 1995; Vandenbroeck, Boonaert, Van der Mespel & De Brabandere, 2009). The study refers to ethnographic studies on social behaviour in urban context (Augé, 2015; Geens & Vandenbroeck, 2013; Soenen, 2006).
The study is based on ethnographic notes, collected during a whole opening session of 40 Centri per bambini e famiglie (CCF) in Italy, and focus-group interviews carried out with the CCF's professional staff. The professional CCF staff was informed and consented to be observed and interviewed. Families' privacy was guaranteed by respecting their anonymity.
The analysis highlighted that both parents and grandparents appreciate the opportunity to meet other adults within the CCF and share the experience of child care with them. The study confirms the need for new policies directed to families with young children.

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Di Giandomenico I.
Early Childhood Education Beyond the Crisis, pp. 52, Bologna, Italy, 29/08-01/09/2017
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