Regole di gioco e norme sociali: crescere fra obbedienza e trasgressione

In this article, play behaviour is analyzed from the standpoint of normative development. A critical survey of the literature on the role of norms and norm compliance in play development is presented, with special emphasis on Piaget and Vygotskij. On this basis, an alternative socio-cognitive model for describing normative evolution in play development is then proposed. Special attention is paid to the transition from children's play to adult games, for the purpose of demonstrating that some relevant features of normativity stagnate, rather than progress, during this transition. Finally, some musings are offered on the opportunities for social intervention on play activities, in order to foster a mature sense of citizenship in players.

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Paglieri F.
Istituto degli Innocenti., Firenze, Italia
Cittadini in crescita (Testo stamp.) 2006 (2006): 44–61.
info:cnr-pdr/source/autori:Paglieri F./titolo:Regole di gioco e norme sociali: crescere fra obbedienza e trasgressione/doi:/rivista:Cittadini in crescita (Testo stamp.)/anno:2006/pagina_da:44/pagina_a:61/intervallo_pagine:44–61/volume:2006
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Ritratto di Fabio Paglieri
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