Preliminaries to a DOLCE ontology of organisations

This paper presents a preliminary proposal of an ontology of organisations based on descriptive ontology for linguistic and cognitive engineering (DOLCE). An ontological analysis of organisations is the first, fundamental and ineliminable pillar on which to build a precise and rigorous enterprise modelling. An ontological analysis makes explicit the social structure that underlies every organisational settings. In particular, the paper tries to explain what are organisations, roles and norms, how they are interrelated, what it means for a norm to be valid in an organisation and what it means for an agent to be affiliated to an organisation.

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Emanuele Bottazzi
Roberta Ferrario
Inderscience Enterprises,, Olney , Regno Unito
International journal of business process integration and management (Print) 4 (2009): 225–238.
info:cnr-pdr/source/autori:Emanuele Bottazzi; Roberta Ferrario/titolo:Preliminaries to a DOLCE ontology of organisations/doi:/rivista:International journal of business process integration and management (Print)/anno:2009/pagina_da:225/pagina_a:238/interva
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