Personality-driven social behaviors in believable agents

Agents are considered "believable" when viewed by an audience as endowed with behaviors, attitudes, and emotions, typical of different personalities. Our work is aimed at realizing believable agents that perform helping behaviors influenced by their personalities; the latter are represented as different clusters of prioritized goals and preferences over plans for achieving goals. The article describes how such model of personality is represented in planning with the PRODIGY system and in execution with the RAP system. Both systems are integrated in a plan-based agent architecture
where behaviors characteristic of different "helping personality types" are automatically designed and executed in
a virtual world. The article also shows examples of the kinds of plan produced by PRODIGY for different personalities and contexts, and how such plans are executed by RAP when a helping character interacts with a user in a virtual world.

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Rizzo, Paola
Veloso, Manuela
Miceli, Maria
Cesta, Amedeo
MIT Press, Cambridge [MA], USA
AAAI Fall Symposium on "Socially Intelligent Agents", 1997
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