Organisations and variable embodiments

How can organisations survive not only the substitution of members, but also other dramatic changes, like that of the norms regulating their activities, the goals they plan to achieve, or the system of roles that compose them? This paper is a first step towards a well-founded ontological analysis of the persistence of organisations through changes. Our analysis leverages Kit Fine's notions of rigid and variable embodiment and proposes to view the (history of the) decisions made by the members of the organisation as the criterion to re-identify the organisation through change.

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Ferrario R.
Masolo C.
Porello D.
Springfield, Amsterdam , Paesi Bassi
IOS Press, Amsterdam, NLD
Formal Ontology in Information Systems, pp. 127–140, Cape Town, 19-21/09/2018
info:cnr-pdr/source/autori:Ferrario R.; Masolo C.; Porello D./congresso_nome:Formal Ontology in Information Systems/congresso_luogo:Cape Town/congresso_data:19-21/09/2018/anno:2018/pagina_da:127/pagina_a:140/intervallo_pagine:127–140
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