Manifesto of computational social science

The increasing integration of technology into our lives has created unprecedented volumes of data on society's everyday behaviour. Such data opens up exciting new opportunities to work towards a quantitative understanding of our complex social systems, within the realms of a new discipline known as Computational Social Science. Against a background of financial crises, riots and international epidemics, the urgent need for a greater comprehension of the complexity of our interconnected global society and an ability to apply such insights in policy decisions is clear. This manifesto outlines the objectives of this new scientifi c direction, considering the challenges involved in it, and the extensive impact on science, technology and society that the success of this endeavour is likely to bring about

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Conte, Rosaria
Gilbert, Nigel
Bonelli, Giulia
Cioffi-Revilla, Claudio
Deffuant, Guillaume
Kertesz, Janos
Loreto, Vittorio
Moat, Suzy
Nadal, Jeanne-Pierre
Sanchez, Angel
Nowak, Andrzej
Flache, Andreas
San Miguel, Maxi
Helbing, Dirk
Springer, Les Ulis ;, Francia
The European physical journal. Special topics 214 (2012): 325–346. doi:10.1140/epjst/e2012-01697-8
info:cnr-pdr/source/autori:Conte, Rosaria; Gilbert, Nigel; Bonelli, Giulia; Cioffi-Revilla, Claudio; Deffuant, Guillaume; Kertesz, Janos; Loreto, Vittorio; Moat, Suzy; Nadal, Jeanne-Pierre; Sanchez, Angel; Nowak, Andrzej; Flache, Andreas; San Miguel, Maxi
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Ritratto di rosaria.conte
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