Long-Term Human-Robot Interaction with Young Users

Artificial companion agents have the potential to combine novel means for effective health communication with young patients support and entertainment. However, the theory and practice of longterm child-robot interaction is currently an under-developed area of research. This paper introduces an approach that integrates multiple functional aspects necessary to implement temporally extended human-robot interaction in the setting of a paediatric ward. We present our methodology for the implementation of a companion robot which will be used to support young patients in hospital as they learn to manage a lifelong metabolic disorder (diabetes). The robot will interact with patients over an extended period of time. The necessary functional aspects are identified and introduced, and a review of the technical challenges involved is presented.

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Baxter, Paul
Belpaeme, Tony
Cañamero, Lola
Cosi, Piero
Demiris, Yiannis
Enescu, Valentin
Mobile Life Centre, Sweden, Stockholm, SWE
IEEE/ACM Human-Robot Interaction 2011 Conference (Robots with Children: Practices for Human-Robot Symbiosis Workshop). Proceedings, Lausanne, Switzerland, 6-9 March 2011
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