The Impact of Technology in Organizational Communication Processes

In this chapter a case study is presented, in which the ethnomethodological approach is used to analyze the impact of the implementation of an information system, called Sispes, on organizational communi- cation processes in the residence for elderly Giovanelli (Italy). Sispes is a Web-based platform which sustains communication processes and knowledge management according to a customized workflow management system. Adopting structuration theories in the analysis of the case study, and taking in- spiration from the philosophical tradition, especially in epistemology and in the analytic philosophy of law, an innovative perspective is adopted, which specifically acknowledges the role played by the communication processes in shaping both the attitudes of the involved actors and the social reality in which they are immersed. According to this perspective, three types of communication processes are presented, namely the normative, descriptive and constructive approach. These latter are then applied to a concrete case study.

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Ferrario R.
IGI Global, Hershey, USA
Nursing and Clinical Informatics: Socio-Technical Approaches, edited by Staudinger, B.; Hoess , V.; Ostermann, H., pp. 198–217. Hershey: IGI Global, 2009
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