Gesture and speech. The emergence and development of a strong and changing partnership

The present paper focuses on early stages of development exploring the emergence of the gesture language system in infancy and his evolution toward the adult system. Old and recent studies carried on mainly in our Laboratory are described and discussed.
According the perspective that emerged in the late 1970's the findings on the role of gesture in the acquisition and development of language did not raise any particular interest in a wider audience. In more recent years a new theoretical framework emerging from different disciplines and perspectives (evolutionary, neuro-physiological, linguistic) made this approach to the ontogeny of language extremely relevant. Findings on the tight link between actions, gestures, and spoken words in young children support some hypothesis put forward by these different perspectives and are in accordance with this new theoretical framework.

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Capirci, O.
Volterra, V.
Benjamins, Amsterdam ;, Paesi Bassi
Gesture (Amsterdam. Print) 8(1) (2008): 22–44. doi:10.1075/gest.8.1.04cap
info:cnr-pdr/source/autori:Capirci, O.; Volterra, V./titolo:Gesture and speech. The emergence and development of a strong and changing partnership/doi:10.1075/gest.8.1.04cap/rivista:Gesture (Amsterdam. Print)/anno:2008/pagina_da:22/pagina_a:44/intervallo_
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