Georeferentiation and Social Sciences: an interdisciplinary way to detect vulnerability

This paper is concerned with using georeferenced information in Social Sciences as a concrete case of interdisciplinary research and building of knowledge related to vulnerability. Geospatial framework is a central factor in analyzing data from sociology, psychology, anthropology and economics. That notwithstanding, its potential contribution has been substantially ignored. In the last years, the reconciliation between GIS techniques and Social Sciences is occurring, mainly because of improvements in software to manage complex data.
The paper arises from CLARA project, an Italian national project on risk assessment and management in the field of natural disasters. The article discusses the theoretical and technical steps aimed at georeferencing specific data on a geographical map. This process entails two main pros: information on a map are more quickly readable and relations among them stand out more easily. Furthermore, georeferenced data bring back complexity to the object studied, because they allow a multidimensional, contextual and integrated reading of it. The multidimensionality highlights the importance of interdisciplinarity as an opportunity for encounter of scholars and technicians and for acquisition of diversified, deeper and richer perspective, which allows better outcomes. Finally, the paper discusses several advantages for interventions and policies.

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Maurizio Norcia
Antonella Rissotto
Elisa Colì
Ontario International Development Agency., Sudbury, Ont. , Canada
OIDA international journal of sustainable development 8 (2015): 61–68.
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