An evolutionary platform for social simulation in case of critical hydrogeological phenomena: The authority's role

Starting from our previous work [1], we propose a study on cognitive agents that have to learn how to use their different information sources (their own evaluation, the authority communication, others' behavior) in different situations and with respect to different hydrogeological phenomena. In particular we consider some specific situations in which the authority can be more or less trustworthy and more or less able to deliver its own forecasts to the agents. The simulations will show how, on the basis of a training phase in these different situations, the agents will be able to make a rational use of their different information sources.

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Contributo in atti di convegno
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Falcone R.
Sapienza A.
Springer, Berlin , Germania
PAAMS 2016, pp. 251–255, Sevilla, 01-03/06/2016
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Ritratto di Rino Falcone
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