The Counting Problem in the Light of Role Kinds

Starting from a general characterization of roles, we focus on the ways in which roles are specified, we examine the formal constraints on their definitions, and propose definitional schemas motivating different kinds of roles. This classification, in addition to clarify the notion of role itself, helps us to reconsider the two standard solutions that have been pro- posed for the famous counting problem, and to suggest that a third mixed approach may be considered.

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Contributo in atti di convegno
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Masolo, Claudio
Vieu, Laure
Kitamura, Yoshinobu
Kozaki, Kouji
Mizoguchi, Riichiro
AAAI Press, Menlo Park [CA], USA
Commonsense-2011, the Tenth International Symposium on Logical Formalization on Commonsense Reasoning (CommonSense 2011), pp. 24–7, Stanford, USA, 21-23 March 2011
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