The Complete Capuchin. The Biology of the Genus Cebus.

Capuchin monkeys are one of the most widely distributed genera of primates in Central and South America. Capuchins captivate the imagination of scientists and the lay public alike with their creative and highly variable behaviour, their grace and power in action, and their highly developed social character. In this, the first scholarly book devoted to the biology of the genus Cebus (Primates: Platyrrhine), the taxonomy, distribution, life history, ecology, anatomy, development, perception, cognition, motor skills, social and sexual behaviour of these monkeys are summarised. The book also describes how humans have viewed, used and studied these monkeys from ancient times to the present. The authors explicitly organismic and inclusive treatment provides a picture in unparalleled detail of the capuchin over its lifetime for all those with an interest in these fascinating animals.

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Libro o curatela
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Fragaszy D
Fedigan L
Visalberghi E
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, GBR
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004
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