Cochlear implant in the second year of life: Lexical and grammatical outcomes

Purpose: The authors studied the effect of the cochlear implant (CI) on language comprehension and production in deaf children who had received a CI in the 2nd year of life. Method: The authors evaluated lexical and morphosyntactic skills in comprehension and production in 17 Italian children who are deaf (M = 54 months of age) with a CI and in 2 control groups of children with normal hearing (NH; 1 matched for chronological age and the other whose chronological age corresponded to the duration of CI activation). The authors also compared children with unilateral CI to children with bilateral CI. Results: Children with CI appeared to keep pace with NH children matched for time since CI activation in terms of language acquisition, and they were similar to same-age NH children in lexical production. However, children with CI showed difficulties in lexical comprehension when a task required phonological discrimination as well as in grammar comprehension and production. Childrenwith bilateral CI showed better comprehension than did children with unilateral CI; the 2 groups were similar for production. Conclusions: Activation of CI in the 2nd year of life may provide children who are deaf with a good opportunity to develop language skills, although some limitations in phonological and morphological skills are still present 3 years after auditory reafferentation. © American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

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Caselli, Maria Cristina
Rinaldi, Pasquale
Varuzza, Cristiana
Giuliani, Anna
Burdo, Sandro
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association,, Rockville, MD , Stati Uniti d'America
Journal of speech, language, and hearing research (Print) 55 (2012): 382–394. doi:10.1044/1092-4388(2011/10-0248)
info:cnr-pdr/source/autori:Caselli, Maria Cristina; Rinaldi, Pasquale; Varuzza, Cristiana; Varuzza, Cristiana; Giuliani, Anna; Burdo, Sandro/titolo:Cochlear implant in the second year of life: Lexical and grammatical outcomes/doi:10.1044/1092-4388(2011/10
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