An Agent-Based Model of Extortion Racketeering

Mafias can be considered as criminal organisations that are in the business of producing, promoting, and selling protection. Here, we describe the Palermo Scenario, an agent-based model of protection rackets aimed to deepen our understanding of protection rackets, and help policymakers to evaluate methods for destabilising them. Additionally, since the system is explicitly specified, we can use it to investigate the entire causal pathway from cause to effect: not only from actions to Mafia destabilisation, but also the intermediate actions along the path and actors' internal mental representations among the population.

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Contributo in volume
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Luis G. Nardin
Giulia Andrighetto
Áron Székely
Valentina Punzo
Rosaria Conte
Social Dimensions of Organised Crime, pp. 105–116, 2016
info:cnr-pdr/source/autori:Luis G. Nardin, Giulia Andrighetto , Áron Székely, Valentina Punzo, Rosaria Conte/titolo:An Agent-Based Model of Extortion Racketeering/titolo_volume:Social Dimensions of Organised Crime/curatori_volume:/editore:/anno:2016
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