Acoustic and kinematic correlates of phonological length contrast in italian consonants

In Italian, length contrast is exploited in the
consonant system. Previous articulatory studies have
focused on the temporal organization of gestures in
Italian geminates and on the lower lip kinematics of
the singleton/geminate distinction. In this paper, data
on lip and tongue gestures are discussed in order to
directly test hypotheses on the gestural organization
of geminate consonants and to collect observations
on the possible position of gestural targets in
geminate and singleton consonants.
The results show that Italian geminates appear to
be best accounted for by a hybrid model that makes
use of both Öhman's Vowel-to-Vowel model and
Browman and Goldstein's Vowel-and-Consonant
model. Moreover, our data partly confirm the
existence of a higher virtual target in geminates than
in singletons

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Gili Fivela B.
Zmarich C.
Perrier P.
Savariaux C.
Tisato G.
Proceedings of the 16th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences,, pp. 469–472, Saarbrücken (G), 6-10 August 2007
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