Semantic Technology Laboratory

The Semantic Technology Laboratory (STLab) makes applied and basic research on semantic technologies as a hybridisation of Semantic Web, (linked) data semantics, NLP, lexical resources, cognitive semantics. Applications include organisational knowledge engineering (competence management, data integration, semantic CMS), knowledge extraction from text and data, empirical research on knowledge patterns, ontology design methods and tools.

Parole chiave:
  • CMS;
  • cognitive linguistics;
  • design patterns;
  • empirical knowledge representation;
  • knowledge engineering;
  • knowledge patterns;
  • lexical semantics;
  • linked data;
  • NLP;
  • ontology design;
  • semantic social networks;
  • semantic technologies;
  • semantic web;
  • web of data
Aldo Gangemi, Valentina Presutti.

Via Nomentana 56, 00161, Roma


What? The Semantic Technology Laboratory (STLab), within the Institute for Cognitive Sciences and Technology (ISTC, of the Italian National Research Council (CNR,, has been founded in the Autumn of 2008, and partly originates from the past Rome branch of the Laboratory for Applied Ontology (

Why? The Lab aims at performing research and development in semantic technologies. Besides its European and Italian research projects, it has one motivating use case in the development of semantic web applications for the CNR scientific organization and Italian Public Administration, jointly with the Information Systems Unit of CNR.

Who? STLab people include either local collaborators working partly or full time for the Lab, or external people that share R&D interests with the Lab (see also people page). The founders are Aldo Gangemi (scientific coordinator), Alfio GliozzoValentina Presutti, and Alberto Salvati (technology coordinator). Researchers include also Alessandro Adamou (PhD), Andrea Nuzzolese (PhD), Paolo Ciancarini (associate researcher), Eva BlomqvistFrancesco Draicchio, Alberto Musetti, Antonio d'Agata, Enrico Daga, Gianluca Troiani, Geri Steve, Claudio Baldassarre, Stefania Capotosti. Former researchers include Jos Lehmann (currently at Un. of Edinburgh), Carola Catenacci, Massimilano Ciaramita (currently at Google Research), Malvina Nissim (currently at Un. of Bologna), and Alfio Gliozzo (currently at IBM Watson Research Center).

Know How STLab competences include methods, best practices, tools and reusable models for ontology design, linked data, knowledge engineering, Web science, natural language processing, and knowledge extraction that hybridizes ontology and natural language engineering.

Themes Current research at STLab (see also research page) focuses on the following aspects of semantic technologies: Semantic Web and Web of Data (Web 3.0); ontology design patterns; empirical knowledge engineering; semantic search and corporate knowledge management based on ontologies and linked data; ontology-driven document generation and semantic wikis; collaborative tools for ontology design; adaptive eLearning; semantic interoperability.

Applications Typical application domains include organizational, business, industrial, legal, biomedical, e-government, and agricultural information systems. The Web is the main context for STLab technologies and data.





Aldo Gangemi
Valentina Presutti

Administrative Staff





Persone ISTCs

Persone ISTC
Persone ISTC
Persone ISTC
Collaborazioni di Ricerca 
  • Unità Sistemi Informativi del CNR (Alberto Salvati, Enrico Daga, Gianluca Troiani)
  • Daria Spampinato (modulo conoscenza legale, Catania)
  • Università di Bologna (Paolo Ciancarini, Fabio Vitali)
  • Università di Roma Tor Vergata (Maria Teresa Pazienza, Roberto Basili)
  • Knowledge Media Institute, Open University (Enrico Motta, Mathieu d'Aquin)
  • Free University of Amsterdam (Lora Aroyo, Guus Schreiber)
  • Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Asuncion Gomez-Perez)
  • Université Paris 13 (Adeline Nazarenko, Haïfa Zargayouna, Rim Djedidi)
  • IBM Watson Research Center (Chris Welty, Alfio Gliozzo, Bonaventura Coppola)
  • UN-FAO (Johannes Keizer)
  • RAI
  • European Media Lab, Heidelberg
Membri Passati 

Gliozzo Alfio - Name: alfio.gliozzo

Ciaramita Massimiliano - Name: massimiliano.ciaramita

Nissim Malvina - Name: malvina.nissim

Catenacci Carola - Name: carola.catenacci

Lehman Jos - Name: jos.lehman


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