Emilio Cartoni



Researcher (Fixed Term)
Short profile: 

I am a PhD student in Behavioral Neuroscience at "Sapienza" University of Rome and member of the Laboratory of Computational Embodied Neuroscience at ISTC-CNR.

My main interest is making computational models of the brain, bridging data from behavioural up to neuronal level and focusing on action and motivation.

My  current   research topic  is  the  Pavlovian  to  instrumental  transfer,   where   cues learned by Pavlovian conditioning affect the performance of actions learned through instrumental   conditioning.   Recently,   both   Pavlovian   and   instrumental   behaviours have been reframed into Bayesian terms, moving my interest to how the brain may perform Bayesian computations.

Neural structures to be modelled involving PIT range from the  amygdala  to the striatum and prefrontal cortex.

My other interests, currently being investigated at LOCEN, are echo state networks / liquid computing, hierarchical networks and autonomous robotics.


Journal articles

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