Laboratory of Electrophysiology for Translational neuroScience

LET’S (Laboratory of Electrophysiology for Translational neuroScience) –CNR operates in the  Fatebenefratelli Hospital –Tiberina Island in Rome, in Collaborative Agreement holding between the Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie della Cognizione (ISTC-CNR) and the Hospital.


LET'S operates mainly with translational perspectives, so that physiological and pathological conditions are studied to identify indices sensitive to alterations in neurological pathologies, to discover personalized compensatory treatments or to enhance diagnosis or to monitor treatment effects.


Franca Tecchio.


The key fields of investigation are:

  • Cerebral sensorimotor cortical function
  • Neuronal source identification [Functional Source Separation, FSS] and functional connectivity [local and long-range intra-cortical and cortico-spinal neuronal synchronization] from electrophysiological non-invasive recordings (MEG, EEG, EMG, TMS+EEG)
  • Neuronal plasticity, synchrony, feedback and recovery from neurological damage
  • Neuromodulation procedures (TMS, tDCS/tACS/tRNS).
  • Human brain imaging, with non-invasive multimodal integration of electrophysiological data with anatomical (MRI), metabolic/hemodynamic (fMRI/Transcranial Color Doppler - TCD) and biochemical data.




  • 64 EEG BP actiCHamp and polygraphic channel system (Brain Products, Germany)
  • 21 EEG and polygraphic Holter system (8 EEG, 8 bipolar switchable in EEG in common reference, 2 DC, 3 digital for SpO2, cardiac beat, plethysmogram; Brain Spy Plus, Micromed, Treviso, Italy)
  • Interactive Pressure Sensor (InPresS) developed in-House on Arduino board
  • tDCS stimulators (1 eldith DC-stimulator, neuroConn Gmbh, Germany; 1 BrainSTIM, EMS srl, Italy; 1 HDCstim EBNeuro, Italy; 1 Phoresor II Auto Model PM 700, IOMED, USA)
  • TMS SuperRapid Stimulator (Magstim, Germany)
  • Neuronavigation system composed of a position sensor, made of the IR Polaris Vicra optical tracking unit, equipped with SofTaxic software (EMS srl, Bologna, Italy)
  • Software suites for advanced signal processing and statistics
  • Magnetically shielded room (AK3B, Vacuumschmelze GmbH, Hanau, Germany)
  • RF shielded room, 2 mm thick Steel  1.9x2.5x2.2 m3 (Siemens, Germany)
  • 1.5 T MR scanner (Achieva, Philips, The Netherlands)
  • TMS-compatible EEG equipment (BrainAmp 32MRplus, BrainProducts GmbH, Munich, Germany)




Franca Tecchio


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