Laboratory for Agent-Based Social Simulation

Born in the 90s, the Laboratory on Agent Based Social Simulation hosts ever since a highly interdisciplinary research group working at the intersection among cognitive, social and computational sciences.

  • cognitive modelling;
  • multiagent-based models;
  • reputation;
  • social dynamics;
  • social norms;
  • social simulation;
  • trust

Via Palestro 32 - 00185 Rome - Italy 


The LABSS has been characterized in its early days by an explorative approach to Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation. People collaborating within the LABSS have developed several multi agent-based computational models and simulation platforms, and applied them to study the mechanisms and complex micro-macro dynamics of social and cognitive artifacts (such as norms and reputation) for the regulation of societies of autonomous intelligent agents.

In the last few years, cross-methodological research, comparing natural and artificial data, has become a priority. Since the evolutionary study of altruism and reciprocity was undertaken at the LABSS, and the previous study of reputation was applied to a theory-driven design of reputation technology, our simulations started to be increasingly anchored to real-world data, from vampires' food-sharing to human exchanges and electronic communities.


The multi agent-based computational models and simulation platforms developed at LABSS  have been  applied to:

  • Study the main ingredients of social intelligence as a properties of individual and multi-agent systems
  • Study the complex (micro-macro) dynamics of social cognitive artefacts (f.i., norms and reputation) regulating societies of autonomous intelligent agents
  • Model the emergence of social relationships and networks (for example, dependence networks) from societies of autonomous social intelligent agents (DEP-NET; PART-NET; etc.)
  • Model norms as social behaviour and mental objects (consisting of normative representations and goals)
  • Simulate norm-based agent societies (SIM-NORM)
    Develop a simulation-based theory of social evaluations, namely reputation and image,
  • Apply it to develop a computational tool for forming and circulating social evaluation (REPAGE)







Associate Researchers

Associate Researcher
Research Collaborations 
  • Nicola Lettieri (ISFOL)
  • Barbara Sonzogni (Sapienza University - Coris)

Technical Staff

Former members 
  • Francesca Giardini (CEU Budapest)
  • Gennaro Di Tosto (Utrecht University)
  • Stefano Picascia (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Walter Quattrociocchi (Siena University)


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