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09 Jun 2014

Giovanni Pezzulo, ricercatore presso ISTC, riceve il prestigioso finanziamento ‘Human Frontiers Science Program' per giovani ricercatori, nell'ambito del ‘Human Frontier Science Program' (HFSP).

14 May 2014

Ecco l'articolo dedicato al Convegno del 5 Maggio pubblicato sull'ultimo numero dell'Almanacco della Scienza :

05 May 2014

Today the European Commission issued a press release on the GiraffPlus project, an EU project in which ISTC researchers play a relevant role.   

The press release includes a video showing a success story from Italy:  the GiraffPlus system installed in the home of Grandma Lea, a 94-year-old lady living on her own.  The 4 minutes video titled "The human face of ICT research: the GiraffPlus Project" describes both the installation case and the technology developed in the project.


04 Dec 2014 - 06 Dec 2014

Introduction to Docscient 2014

"IV° International Scientific Film Festival of Universities and Research Authorities"


T3 Group goal is to study the trust concept in order to understand its complexities and to try to develop a complete theory of trust, with specific attention to its relations with delegation and social cooperation.