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12 May 2016

"L'inclusione a scuola del bambino sordo e la figura dell'assistente alla comunicazione"
12 Maggio 2016

ore 16.30
presso l'Aula Seminari dell'ISSR
(ingresso: Via Nomentana 54, 00161 Roma)

02 May 2016

The paper from Nicola Policella, now at the European Space Agency at that time PhD student at ISTC-CNR, together with Steve Smith (CMU), Amedeo Cesta (ISTC-CNR) and Angelo Oddi (ISTC-CNR) published at ICAPS 2004 has been awarded the honorable mention as the Influential Paper Award at ICAPS (06/12/2016).  The award concerns papers that appeared in ICAPS 10 years before (this year target is the period 2004-2005).

Below is the official message:


17 Jun 2016

Obiettivo di questo corso è di formare il logopedista e lo psicologo a realizzare un programma di intervento per genitori di bambini tra i 2 e i 3 anni che hanno un ritardo del linguaggio.

13 Jun 2016 - 17 Jun 2016

The SafePlan Workshop is promoted by the European Project FourByThree and aims at bringing together experts active in the field of planning and scheduling (P&S) with those in human-robot interaction with particular emphasis on the issues of safety.

09 Jun 2016

Relatore: Carla Pol (Tesi magistrale presso Università Cà Foscari)
09 Giugno 2016, dalle 16.30 alle 18.30, presso la sala dei seminari ISSR,
Via Nomentana 56, 00161 Roma


Our aim is to better understand the language development process and its cognitive and social correlates, from a developmental neuropsychological perspective.