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05 Jul 2015

After being hosted for ten years in Cercedilla, Spain, the prestigious “Summer School on Ontology Engineering and the Semantic Web” (SSSW) moves this year into an even more suggestive place: the beautiful village of Bertinoro, near Bologna, in Italy. This year the school is directed by Valentina Presutti from CNR, Mathieu d’Aquin from the Open University and Oscar Corcho from UPM.

15 May 2015

L’Associazione  Clasta organizza due giornate scientifiche dedicate allo sviluppo linguistico e comunicativo del bambino in popolazioni tipiche e atipiche.
3 lezioni magistrali, 4 simposi e 2 sessioni poster
Scaricate qui il pdf del programma
Scaricate qui il pdf della locandina


10 Jul 2015

Internationally a growing number of mental health experts works towards the implementation of the Open Dialogue Approach (OD) in their mental health services. This workshop is organized in view of the implementation of the OD in Italy.


The laboratory synthesizes technology to empower humans in performing both difficult and everyday tasks.   We were born as a group studying automated problem solving with AI techniques.  We have extended our interests to artificial systems that together with humans create a mixed-initiative interaction space.   

At present we study  autonomous and interactive systems, innovative technologies for aging well, human-robot interaction and the automated solution of complex dynamic problems.