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03 Aug 2016

Il Sì a Brexit è espressione di follia o di saggezza della folla?

28 Jul 2016

On July 21st 2016, the Mid-Term Review Meeting of FourByThree, an H2020 FoF project,  took place in Eibar, Basque Countries, and had a very positive outcome.

The project partners presented to the EU reviewer the second release of the modular robotic arm produced by the project together with a number of connected presentations and demos of various hardware and software capabilities that compose the full project idea (the project focus is around 4 basic requirements: Modularity, Safety, Ease of use, and Efficiency).


25 Sep 2016 - 30 Sep 2016

This workshop brings together neurophysiologists, psychologists and computational modelers to discuss the neuro-computational mechanisms supporting spatial navigation, decision and planning – e.g., the role of internally generated cell assembly sequences in the rodent hippocampus, and more generally the role of sequential processing / generative models in sensorimotor behaviour and higher cognition (e.g., action syntax, music and language processing).


T3 Group goal is to study the trust concept in order to understand its complexities and to try to develop a complete theory of trust, with specific attention to its relations with delegation and social cooperation.