ESA Networking/Partnering Initiative (2012): Cooperative Systems for Autonomous Exploration Missions

This is a support for a PhD student in a collaboration among University
of AlcalĂ  (Prof. Maria Dolores Rodrigues Moreno), CNR (Dr. Amedeo Cesta)
and ESA (Automation and Robotics Division, ESTEC).  We are co-advising a
PhD student on the general topic of planning and execution in space exploration robotics.

Project ID: 
ESA 4000106544/12/NL/PA
Project funding: 
Other - International
Funding source: 
European Space Agency support for PhD students (ESA - NPI call December 2011)
Project Timeframe: 
Thu, 01/11/2012 - Mon, 30/11/2015
ISTC Contact Person: 
Amedeo Cesta

University of AlcalĂ , CNR, ESA

  • Mixed-Initiative Planning and Scheduling;
  • planning & scheduling;