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  • guilt in couples and friendships, family violence, women's horizontal segregation in academia, racisma and migrant women, stigma and epilepsy;
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Rita D’Amico is a social and clinical psychologist, with a qualification in psychotherapy. She worked for years to develop a theoretical and methodological approach that builds a bridge between social and clinical psychology. Within this perspective, she has carried out many research projects investigating, among others, the following topics: the origin of guilt in couple relationships, in friendships and in siblings; the complex connection between love, power and dependency in the context of marriage; issue of family violence and stalking; racism and discrimination perceived by migrant women in the region of Abruzzo; the evolutionary origin of stigmatization and the function of social exclusion of people with epilepsy; the conditions influencing women’s and men’s academic career advancement (in collaboration with Prof. S. S. Canetto (Colorado State University, USA), attitudes of young people towards love over the internet (cross-cultural study); psychological issues within the relationship between brothers and sisters. Member of the IARR (International Association for Relationship Research) since 1990, she has coordinated the Group for the Study of Interpersonal Relationships at the ISTC – CNR for several years. Moreover, she has a decade of experience teaching social psychology at three different Italian Universities; in addition, she has trained teachers, psychologists and social workers on the main theories and interventions with abused children, people with epilepsy, dementia, distressed couples, . From 1997 to 1999 she was a member of the Working Group "Culture of diversity and women's studies in Italian universities", coordinated by the Minister for Equal Opportunities, Prof. L. Balbo. She published books with national publisher both as single author and in collaboration, chapters in international and national books and articles in national and international journals. 



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Contribution to Book/Monograph

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